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What is Dragonpay?
Dragonpay is a payment channel that allows customers to purchase online and settle their payment without the use of credit card or Paypal. Dragonpay gives customers different payments options to settle their payment using online banking, over-the-counter cash deposits, ATM and mobile payments.

What are the mode of payments under Dragonpay?
Dragonpay supports Online Banking, ATM and Over the counter transactions for the following banks:

Dragonpay also accept payments through the following payment centers:


What's my Login ID and password?
Your Log-in ID and password is your Bank account ID and password. Dragonpay will not require you to create a bank account if you already have one.

How do I order using Dragonpay?
After choosing Dragonpay as your mode of payment, you will then choose what payment method is convenient to you then instructions will be given for you to follow via email.
You may refer to this step-by-step guide for Online banking transactions  and Over-the-counter transactions.

I don't have a credit card. Is it possible to do a bank transaction instead?
Of course! But you have to choose Dragonpay as your payment method then select what payment channel is convenient to you.

I already paid but forgot the reference number. How will I know my retrieve it? And how can I validate?
After the order transaction, an email will immediately be sent to you. The reference number and a link of the instruction is included in the email.

I was not able to validate my payment on time, what should I do?
Kindly place a new order with the same quantity and amount of items then choose the same mode of payment. Try to validate your payment using your new order. If you're having troubles validating your order, kindly contact the Dragonpay hotline at 655-6820.

I haven't received any email regarding payment confirmation? How will I know if my payment has been received already?
You may want to check your spam folder first. If you still haven’t received any email, we suggest you contact Dragonpay hotline at 655-68-20.

How many days before my order gets voided?
For Bank deposit– 2 days to validate
For Online banking payments – 1 hour to validate
For Over-the-counter payments – 2 days to validate

I choose Online Banking payment instead of Bank Deposit payment. How will I change my payment method?
We cannot change the payment method for you but we suggest, you create another order and inform us right away so that we can cancel your previous order.

Can I still pay even if the validation date has already passed?
Some payments can still be validated. You may contact Dragonpay Hotline at +632-655-68-20. If your particular payment can still be validated. Otherwise, you may just place a new order, choose the same payment channel as your previous order, and immediately input the details of your payment for validation.

I forgot the transaction details. Where will I get it?
The transaction details, reference number, and payment instructions are included in the email sent to you by Dragonpay right after the order transaction has been done. If you haven’t received it, you may want to check your spam folder. If you really didn’t receive any email, may we suggest you contact Dragonpay Hotline at 655-68-20. Or you can check this link to locate your payment instructions.